Late Night Done Right

Late-night fare for a wakeful girl.
Late-night fare for a wakeful girl.

Yesterday, Anita (my college friend turned recent roommate) and I spent a devilish Sunday evening at Yoshi’s, resulting in a late night that included one-too-many dirty martinis, a Bay Area Persian-community after-party, and wailing Eastern-style clarinet by Jason Ditzian.

Given my work-from-home Monday, this arrangement was just fine. I spent a languorous morning in bed, followed by a fully house-bound day (aside from a brief jaunt to Canyon Market in the Glen Park neighborhood). There is nothing more gratifying than a blustery day indoors, particularly when you’re nursing the menstruation blues and a sustained, martini-induced weariness.

My afternoon work-day turned into a small, last-minute dinner party of four. In preparation, I left the house for the second time today, strolling across the street to La Loma Produce, a grim Mexican market with colorful produce, house-made vegan tamales, and fresh-daily corn tortillas. My purchase–which included taco ingredients, such as aforementioned tortillas, mango, jalapeno, purple onion, tomato, cilantro, and avocado for a fresh salad–totaled less than $9. No, it’s not the most ethical purchase–it’s shipped from abroad, which consumes fossil fuels; it’s not fair-trade certified, calling into question the farm-labor practices where the produce was grown; and it’s definitely pesticide-bathed, genetically modified eats. Still, when it’s last minute and on the cheap….

While the dinner was a hit–all parties left sated from cheerful company and hella-wicked veggie tacos followed by N Chocolate Hazlenut Ciao Bella Gelato–my languorous, late morning combined with a two-hour afternoon nap, resulted in great difficulty hitting the sack.

And, when sleep is elusive, sometimes there’s nothing more gratifying than a nice plate of Canyon Market-sourced goodies, such as a potassium-rich local Mission fig, bursting-with-antioxidants heirloom tomato sprinkled with Stonehouse Sel Gris, fresh-from-the-Canyon-Market-bakery whole-wheat walnut bread, creamy and calcium-providing Tour de Marze brie cheese, and–well–calcium-infused Tropicana Orange Juice (I know, I know) that one of my roommates had in the fridge.

Light and lovely, this snack was a late night done right.

xoxo, my lovelies!

love, abs


3 thoughts on “Late Night Done Right

    1. Lula-Mae, Lula-Bee: I think you are so good about supporting your friends and their efforts. Thank you for being such a great example, free spirit, and throw-down awesome woman. Love to you in the great CO. (The great CA is calling you.)

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