Where Is My Mind?

Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?

It occurs to me that the title of my blog poorly reflects its content! Any ideas about how to encapsulate “food security, food justice, local foods, mindful eating, ethical food-sourcing, health, nutrition, diet, eats on the cheap, at-home meal preparation” into just a few words?

Last night, my sister and I conducted a brainstorming session that yielded the awful “Herbivorous Mistress.” I know, right?

I would love to hear your ideas! I’m a world of confused.


10 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind?

  1. hey abby i’m luving your blog! its name reminds me of that malcolm gladwell book about something totally different. what about a title with your name in it? like “eat your greens abby” or “abby kale”??????

  2. Abby Kale. (ha snicker snort)

    Yeah, having your name in it sounds like a good idea…..

    Eating with Abby?
    Eat your Greens! ?
    Eating for Real with Abby?
    Eating, fer real. ?
    Eat your Conscience?

    (everythings ok in brainstorming…right?)

  3. Nieves by Nieves! I sort of like plain ol’ “Eating with Abby.” I guess, like “ByNieves,” it’s important to choose something that I’m comfortable with/proud of for years to come! Since you’re the brain behind “Cloud of Protection,” I ask that you keep the good ideas coming. You’re my biggest hope. I really like “AbbyKale,” though–it’s gotta ring and it’s cool.

    Um, if any of you darling, darling readers are interested in boutique, handmade natural body care products, do visit http://www.bynieves.com Her C-Perfect Skin has transformed my visage–hella. (Hint: top-tier quality with reasonable prices, y’all.)

  4. Abby….I have been chewing on this and I keep coming back to something simple like Eating Real with Abby, Eating with Abby, Eat with Abby or maybe Abby Eats Food?

    Have you had any thoughts?

  5. i like Abi Eats Food!
    it sounds like a title of kid’s first book with huge letters and big colorful pictures. Anything made for kids doesn’t loose its powers for adults. Go for it πŸ™‚

    1. Dasha,

      There you are! I’ve been wondering about you….

      I like several things about “Abi Eats Food” (or something similar). 1) The words are monosyllabic and strong, just like the title of a kid’s book. 2) It just tells it like it is, also like a kid’s book. (No tricks or gimmicks.)

      Today, Anita brainstormed some ideas for me. Do you like any of these, which follow your same rationale?
      Abby EatWrite
      Abby EatRight
      Eating with Abby
      EatWrite with Abby
      EatRight with Abby
      Real Eats with Abigail
      Eat Real with Abigail

      Also, do you think Abby or Abigail is better for the title? I think Abby sounds a little–I dunno–folksy? Thank you for your help! And call me back, already πŸ™‚

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