Frickin’ Fancy Sandwich

All the beautiful colors...
All the beautiful colors...

I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. As I had a deadline for an article and was toiling away without sustenance, my sympathetic boyfriend took a quick bike ride to our nearby organic grocer, Canyon Market.

He picked up provisions, such as red bell pepper, mixed spring-and-bitter greens, a fresh-baked olive-loaf bread, and a bit of local, handcrafted yellow cheese.

He sliced the pepper, bread, and cheese, serving it in bowls alongside Bubbe’s saurkraut, organic dijon mustard, purple onion from La Loma Produce Market across the street, and the greens.

We piled high the array of fix’ns to create decadent, savory, open-face sandwiches prepared California-style–light, healthy, fresh, straight-from-the-earth whole-food.

We also nursed my latest favorite cocktail: Sparkling mineral water, a generous splash of organic orange juice, and a lime twist. This shit’s a summer spritzer like no other. It provides a punch of zesty flavor and effervescence, without bummer calories and sugar. It’s a nice shot of vitamin-C to boot!

Bon Appétit, my beauties!


4 thoughts on “Frickin’ Fancy Sandwich

  1. You are so sweet, Anita! You are my best blog follower, ever.


    PS: You will have to prepare a lovely Thai meal before you leave, so I can feature you as the chef extraordinaire! Love 🙂

  2. love the cocktail. Variation on a theme: i added two shots of vodka. And then called the drink a “california love” in homage to both you and my all time favorite 2pac. thanks for the inspiration (again!)

    1. hahahahahahahha! not only do i love the vodka variation, but also the tupac reference! what’s crazy is that all these teenage kids in san francisco wear tupac shirts–like he’s the hottest thing…still! i heard you were at mani’s wedding, cool. stay in touch, lady shaidabeta.

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