Too Cool Ti Couz

Reams of Notes + Liquid Jewel
Reams of Notes + Liquid Jewel

Dear beauties,

After a woefully lengthy sojourn from Eating with Abs, I’m back, with more panache than ever before. (Really, though, it’s only been three weeks.)

The reason for my absence? A glorious, electronic-free adventure, during which my lover and I biked to the top of Mt. Tamalpais, hiked in Bolinas, swam at Stinson Beach, walked along the marsh in Mill Valley,  supped in Sausalito, splashed in the water in Sonoma Lake, and skinny dipped in the small, warm lake on the grounds of the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center.

Obviously, it’s glorious to be alive when unplugged, and this entry, albeit my back-in-action and ready-to-rock-the-Internets return, will be brief.

The occasion was a Friday evening, in between writing notes for an educational art lecture and also an article about communal living (I know, I’m beyond lucky to be able to do what I do).  As I had two free hours before meeting my boyfriend for dim sum, and as I was nowhere near being done with my assignments, and as I was experiencing the profound urge to ease my mind, I elected to to do something special…meaning, ordering a stiff drink somewhere semi-swank.

Backpack, notebooks, sticky pads, multi-colored pens, and essay/article drafts in tow, I took a lovely, two-mile stroll to Ti Couz. A darling French-styled crepe house with a blue-and-white facade, Ti Couz boasts outdoor seating that spills onto 16th street, buckwheat savory crepes, and a sublime drink menu called “potions magiques.” Whatever, I don’t speak French.

Bar Keep
Bar Keep

From a magnetizing waiter–Mexican, not French–with a shy smile and shiny black hair, I ordered a the “Ti Couz Special,” an effervescent, earthy libation with seasonal fruit and a constant base: vodka. (And, with reams of notes piled before me, the vodka quotient proved a blessed elixir.) Served shaken and straight with muddled mint, fresh lime, and a splash of champagne. The seasonal fruit in the drink was a richly satisfying, decadently earthy blackberry puree.

Only remotely fruity, balanced, and subtle, this drink offered bright citrus accents with a pleasing mint finish. What a lovely Friday, to sip and write at a long, oaken bar, attended by a magnificent man in a white apron, and toiling away at my delicious craft of writing.

While I am not intimidated by dining or nursing a cocktail by myself, Ti Couz afforded me a particularly pleasant, non-intimidating environment in which I had the honor of being myself unto myself. And that opportunity is the greatest of gifts!

L’chaim, my lovelies, l’chaim!


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