Krazy for Kale

Lightly blanched, wholly hearty
Lightly blanched, wholly hearty

Terribly alliterative, dare-I-say-silly title? Yes. But the sentiment is true and heartfelt. I am indeed crazy for kale, and–in fact–crazy for cruciferous vegetables teeming with vitamins K, A, and C.

Vitamin K: Helps blood coagulate and supports skeletal health, as it contributes to bone mineralization.

Vitamin A: Can you say powerhouse vitamin? It helps create healthy white blood cells, contributes to lovely skin, and plays an important role in vision, reproduction, the immune system, hormone regulation, and beyond.

Vitamin C: It bolsters the immune system–why mothers encourage you to drink your orange juice if you’re feeling flu-ish–and aids the body in the absorption of iron, a mineral that moves oxygen from lungs to body and to muscles, for storage.

I sourced this particular kale bouquet from Bi-Rite, an estimable local grocer that sells top-quality, seasonal produce cultivated using sustainable methods. Blanching–very briefly submerging a vegetable in boiling water–allows the kale to retain its maximum nutritional content and offers a cruciferously crunchy bite.

Kale is heaven’s canopy, especially when drizzled with Oroville, California-grown and pressed Stonehouse Olive Oil and a slight sprinkle of sea salt, both of which I procured from the glorious Ferry Building Farmers’ Market.

Anita and I shared this heaping plate of kale–followed by two more–over a glass of biodynamic, organic Syrah.

Whose else is freaking crazy for kale? I know I’m not the only one! More importantly, how do you eat it?


6 thoughts on “Krazy for Kale

  1. Lady Gaga did a meat dress — you should make a kale dress and post the pics for everyone. If you’re really that KRAZY for it, you should wear it, donchathink?

  2. I like kale chips. You can make them pretty easy too – kale on baking sheet, broiler on, a bit of olive oil on the kale, persnaps some avacado… play with baking times – just dont be late, it goes quick… and you have delish kale chips. Dino kale maybe? Meow.

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