Bean-&-Broccoli Breakfast Taco

Taco Noir
Taco Noir

A hand-made corn tortilla provides the perfect foundation for local, heirloom beans from the worker-owned Rainbow Grocery Food Cooperative and lightly-blanched broccoli straight from Alemany Farm—a four-acre,  urban food garden that’s only a five-to-ten-minute walk from my apartment.

I took my morning taco to the next level with a generous sprinkling of roasted-and-salted pumpkin seeds, a pinch of unhulled hemp seeds, and half a medium avocado–plucked from the tree in my friend’s backyard. Yes, living in California makes it easy to source food straight from the ground, the farm, or the ethical grocer. Still, farmers’ markets and farm-fresh, roadside stands abound across the country.

When preparing a meal, it is my belief that high-caliber, local produce speaks for itself. It’s a fully-sensual immersion—from the striking simplicity of wild-harvested fennel, the profound beauty of a hand-cultivated red bell pepper, or the electric thrill of pinching off a few leaves from the potted basil plant growing on your kitchen table.


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