Bodacious Bartletts

Just look at that little, green leaf!
Just look at that little, green leaf!

This morning, my friend Devin popped by the apartment for a spot of brunch and coffee. Sweet girl that she is, Devin arrived bearing an especially delectable gift—Bartlett pears that she had just picked from the fruit tree in her backyard. Given that we live only three bus stops away from one another, my friend’s offering brought “local” to the next level. Nice work, Devin. (She recommends that I bake these pears into a pie. Not likely, given that the only thing I’ve ever baked is cornbread.)

Not only is Devin as pleasant as a pear, she’s also the passionate founder of the Kariua Project, a non-profit partnered with a slum community on the outskirts Nairobi, the metropolitan capitol of Kenya. Please support her collaboration with Kariua and make a modest, tax-deductible donation today!

Anybody else lucky enough to have fruit-bearing trees right outside your door? I’d love to hear what your backyard is growing!



6 thoughts on “Bodacious Bartletts

  1. You really should try to make at least one pear pie. Fresh pear pie from locally-grown fruit is the best! Throw some blackberries into make it really juicy and yummy.

    You know, I don’t have a yard because I live in a condo, but we have this tiny little plot in the carport where I planted some lavender, which has just exploded. And then these little chard plants started sprouting up and now we have chard growing like mad. I love to cook it up with some garlic and whatever other vegetables are lying around. I just wash it really good to get rid of any car fumes!

  2. You are so sweet, Leilani Clark! It was cool to read Katie McCleary’s CIIS blog post–congratulations on firing up your short story collection.

    That said, fresh pear pie *does sound delectable…and blackberries sound like the perfect fruit to juice it up….pears can sometimes be, you know, rather dry.

    Chard grows like mad–we had a potted plant of it growing on our kitchen table for the longest….until we wholesale polished it off one night. It was gluttony at its greenest.

    Anyway, thanks for supporting me by reading my blog. I know the tone is a little corny–ie, “gluttony at its greenest”–but it’s a hugely satisfying outlet that allows me to channel my grandmother, the ladies of Post Punk Kitchen, and Martha Stewart….all at once.

  3. A little heads up…The Kariua Project is still in the process of getting our 501(c)3 so we aren’t tax deductible at this time…But, soon we will be! We can record the donation and provide an invoice that will be filed away. When our 501(c)3 is approved, then we can go back and provide you with the necessary information. P.S. Thank you Abigail for today and posting about the project! I love you and you are so wonderful. -Devin

  4. This is soooooooooooooo cute, as written by my mom: “Abs, my granny’s brother had a huge pear tree on his property, and the family kids would climb on top of the barn to reach the fruit. We would sit on top of the barn under the shade of the pear tree to enjoy eating as many pears as we wanted, so delightful to remember this pretty fruit I picked right from the tree. Love, Mom”

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