Ciao, Bella! (Very-Cool Coconut Sorbet)


Cool, Creamy Coconut
Cool, Creamy Coconut


Perhaps too-often, Eating with Abs offers a too-good-to-be-true tale about eating mindfully and conscientiously. While I love the heck out of whole-foods health, bitter greens and heirloom beans aren’t the only thing I’m into. And craving for a cool confection certainly doesn’t have to mean downing a carton of frozen corn syrup and chemicals manufactured to taste like ice cream.

I sate my sweet tooth with Ciao Bella Coconut Sorbet. This animal-cruelty free treat uses sumptuous, silky coconut meat and milk. So heady, it makes me want to meditate…or make randy love with my bearded boyfriend.

While most San Franciscans head to the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market to suck down the tapioca-syrup-sweetened sorbet, it was a surprise to learn that the scrappy corner store located directly underneath my living room—best known for its $.69 malted beer and the sale of individual Pall Mall cigarettes at $.25 (um, yuck)—actually carries a nicely packed pint of Ciao Bella. (Alongside the Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, and knock-off Dreamsicles of ill-repute.)

Sprinkled with my topping of the year, the unhulled hemp seeds sourced from the bulk section at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, it packs a mean (um, mega-tasty) late-night punch. How’s that for a midnight meal?

Like flax seeds, high protein hemp seeds contains all nine of the essential amino acids and a balanced ratio of omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. Omega-three fatty acids can prevent heart disease and stroke, and omega-six fatty acids help lower cholesterol and promote healthy skin!

Don’t fight it, just bite it. Um, lick it.


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