Kale Stems & Hemp Seeds | Not Just for Hippies

Low-res vegetable platter.
Low-res vegetable platter.

Two bunches of chopped, long-stem, Canyon Market-sourced dino kale, lightly blanched so its vibrant hue remains bright; drizzled with a spoonful of Rainbow Cooperative-sourced tahini; sprinkled with bulk-section-sourced unhulled hempseeds; topped with bulk-section-sourced Himalayan golden raisins; and perfected with a pinch of Lima sea salt. Wicked eats.

Dino Kale: This super-stalk helps prevent tumor growth, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. It also promotes high-functioning bowels, liver carcinogen buildup, and maintenance of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Tahini: Toasted sesame seeds ground into a liquid paste, tahini is a creamy, nutty, rich sauce that ratchets up the dinner-quotient from merely-pleasant to madly-decadent. Sesame seeds offer an incredible amount of plant-based calcium, vitamin B, protein, and essential fatty acids. It’s great for everything from radiant skin to liver detoxification.

Unhulled Hemp Seeds: Woody and earthy, unhulled hemp seeds offer a satisfying crunch to your munch–not to mention colon-cleansing fiber and heart-healthy super-polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Himalayan Golden Raisins: Contributing a smattering of sweetness to this kale-stem extravaganza, raisins offer a juicy twist to any meal. (For the record, I’ve long disliked black raisins and only recently discovered the gift of golden.)

Lima Sea Salt: Produced through the evaporation of sea water, the process leaves behind healthy trace minerals and results in a textured maritime treasure for your plate.

Tahini-raisin-hemp-seed kale only scratches the surface–how do you prepare this hella-hallowed green goodness? Kale lovers of the world, unite!


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