Green Pizza Boat

Tis the season for culinary arts—as San Francisco’s dazzling Indian Summer transitions into the rainy-season slog, there’s nothing I’d rather do than tend to domestic pleasures. Scouring clean the fridge, watering and bringing back to life my withering potted succulents, and—of course—reveling in the seasonal pleasures of the Bay Area food shed.

Look, it's the Italian flag! Disassembled.
Look, it's the Italian flag! Disassembled.

Green Pizza Boats are my off-the-cuff dream child, whipped up last night when I was at a loss as to how to finish the final cup of my homemade pasta sauce (created with luscious Twin Girls Farm tomatoes—hollah!).

I surveyed the contents of my kitchen, when an a-ha! moment struck me. A kale leaf, cut in half horizontally, creates something that resembles a boat. A little row boat, it hit me. A Green Pizza Boat. It’s so easy.

Spoon a generous dallop of sauce in the center of the boat, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and a pinch of black pepper. That’s right, no cooking—just assemble in a matter of minutes. It makes a mean meal, a snarfable snack, and something cute for dinner company.

As always, give a nod to the environment and your community by sourcing your ingredients from local farmers and small grocers as often as possible. It means less fossil fuels wasted from transportation and plastic packaging to keep food fresh. It means the farmers and purveyors with whom  you develop relationships are the beneficiaries of your monetary investment in locavorism. You get the chance to support the livelihood of community agriculture, and that is a beyond-beautiful thing.

Now, go on! Set your Green Pizza Boat sailing.


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