Feisty Foodstuffs

Such a cute spread.
Such a cute spread.

Maybe it was my mood late last night (pacifying Iyengar yoga class and emotion-stirring conversation over wine), but my body was craving FIRE! Whether it was fire-to-stoke-the-fire or fire-to-feed-the-fire, I know not.

All I know is that Texas-style pickled okra (so slimy, so spicy) made a peachy red-and-green pair with a small dish of picante salsa. Fresh. Pickle offers gut-healthy probiotics and chiles offer ´╗┐´╗┐capsaicin—it’s the active component that causes the fiery, burning sensation in your mouth. Sometimes, people describe a sense of pleasure and even euphoria after consuming hot chiles. When you experience pain, your body floods your system with endorphins to counteract the sensation of discomfort.

I coupled these special sensations with some fundamental building-blocks: protein, calcium, healthy fat, and fiber. These vital delights included dense-grain crackers, Grafton artisanal Cheddar, and a fistful of Brazil nuts. Fabulous.

Do you freak for chiles, like me? How hot can you go?

Signing off with resounding cheers for a world of miraculous, mood-altering foodstuffs.


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