Succulent, Saucy Roots ‘n Shoots

Kaleidescope of Good-for-You
Kaleidescope of Good-for-You

My day included a three-mile walk, three hours of yoga, and a five-hour seminar about Hinduism. Given the tenor of these experiences, my body was craving something clean, dare-I-say enlightened. (Um, enlightened eats for a white bitch from Texas.)

My roots included San Francisco-grown white onion and paper-thin slices of sweet potato, sauteed on high heat in a cast-iron skillet with a splash of sesame-seed oil and soy sauce. Once the roots softened and browned, I added the shoots—gorgeous, green asparagus stalks, from which I removed the tips to save for another meal. I heated these minimally, as asparagus must be eaten bright and crisp.

I plated with raw red bell pepper slices and a fine sprinkling of za’atar, a traditionally Middle Eastern condiment made with sumac, salt, sesame seeds, and green herbs, including marjoram, oregano, and thyme. (I buy mine from the bulk section at SF’s Rainbow Grocery Cooperative and consider it a delicacy, as its price-per-pound is out-of-whack-no-joke.)

White Wine & Asian Pear Are Perfect Culinary Complements
White Wine & Asian Pear Are Perfect Culinary Complements

I rounded out my fresh-vegetable edibles with a smart, sharp Asian Pear (in-season in the Bay Area food shed) and a glass of white wine (I would say that it’s organic, biodynamic wine, but that would make me sound like a snob).

Bon App├ętit!


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