Party on, Persimmon!

The colors of a couch from the 1970s.
The colors of a couch from the 1970s.

California and Japan are roughly the same size and on much the same latitude. Through the globalization of seeds, the Sunshine State’s navel oranges now grow nimbly in Japan, while Japanese persimmons fare quite well in California’s climes.

Autumn in the Bay Area food shed signals the perennial return of the persimmon, and the fuyu varietal is the focus of my attention. A non-astringent species of the fruit, the fuyu resembles a summer heirloom tomato with a funny, olive-green cap.

Eat it the same way you would an apple—bite in and munch—but you need not worry about a pesky core or unpalatable seeds. The taste? A strange, fibrous cross between a date, a pumpkin, and that aforementioned summer heirloom tomato.

En route to work this morning, I popped into my neighborhood grocer, Canyon Market, where an array of persimmons begged my consideration. I heeded and placed two into my backpack for an afternoon snack at the studio.


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