Outlandish Oatmeal

Appetizing Oats & Banana
Appetizing Oats & Banana

Organic, steel-cut oats from the bulk section at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative bomb-up my breakfast with cardiovascular health, blood-sugar stabilization, and breast-cancer prevention. Oats can grow in soil that is inhospitable to many other grains, making it a hearty plant and hella eat.

With cooking time a nominal ten minutes, these delightfully textured whole oats form a happy partnership with a heaping spoon of almond butter, a splash of oat milk, a pinch of cinnamon, and a creamy banana.

Almond butter for its protein blast, banana for its sweetness and potassium, fortified oat milk for its calcium and B-complex vitamins, and cinnamon for its anti-arthritis properties.

Despite dashing across the street to La Loma Produce to procure my banana ($.19), by the time I hurried home, the bottom of my pot of oats had burned. Lesson: Steel-cut oats cook faster than you might think. Take-Away: Never leave an open flame on the stove top when you leave the house! (I hope my housemates aren’t reading this!)

Happy hearty breakfasting, my beauties! xoxo


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