Five Meals, Five Ingredients, Five Days | DAY ONE

Bitchin' Breakfasting
Bitchin' Breakfasting

Jane Brunette, a dreamy friend and daring writer (and who recently relocated from Cali to reside in an open-air house in the Balinese countryside), just posed an interesting challenge: Inspired by my simple mains in Palate-Pleasing Plain-Jane Supper, she wondered if I could come up with a five-or-less ingredient meal. I’ve decided to ratchet it up by a few notches: Five Meals from Five Ingredients in Five Days. Dig.

My lover’s back in town after being a Persian rock star in Europe for the past month, and I’m reverting back to our old ways: Big-ass breakfasts for sustained energy throughout the day. I’m talking fare so power-packed that you don’t have to nosh another proper meal until the next morning.

With fresh, hand-made, piping-hot, corn tortillas available directly across the street from the apartment, we can have when-the-cock-crows tacos whenever we want. Combined with Rainbow-Grocery-sourced black beans, you’ve created a complete plant-based protein, with all nine essential amino acids.

Gorgeous Greens
Gorgeous Greens

However, beans and tortillas do not a breakfast taco make! Pile on the green goodness of fatty (monounsaturated and delicious) avocados for heart-healthy folate and potassium. Fat is an essential—-and oft-misunderstood—-component of your diet. Spice it up with grilled poblanos, a mild hot-chile pepper with a smoky, fruity flavor. These peppers are perfect for even the faint of heart. Top it off with a decadent dallop of Strauss Family Creamery European-style plain yogurt for a rich, complementary cooling element.

This abundant spread makes the early dawn a delicious time of day. Munch it!


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