Five Meals, Five Ingredients, Five Days | DAY TWO

Krazy Kool Kobucha
Krazy Kool Kobucha

Rainy season has arrived, and the overcast skies and slick sidewalks signify a drastic change in my two-wheelin’ lifestyle. Rather than biking hither and thither, I’m now hoofing it on foot, doubling my commute time. So, instead of tending to the domestic arts, my daily focus has shifted from cooking to schlepping.

These variables have displaced meal preparation from me…to the bearded, pirate-like, work-from-home boyfriend. A storied globe-trotter, he’s picked up a few show-stopping culinary tricks during his travels around the world. With my Five Ingredients challenge in mind, my main man made me extra-proud with an Indonesian-inspired lunch on my Friday off.


With a recent penchant for  kabocha squash, he cubed his new-favorite Japanese pumpkin and tossed it into a simmering, cast-iron, stove-top pan. With the flame on high, he added our staple vegetable-stock (a powdered boon in the bulk section at Rainbow Grocery) and heaping spoons of almond butter (also from Rainbow). When the beta-carotene-packed sort-of-stew was almost done, he threw in some brilliantly-colored, fresh green-beans. Next-to-perfect, but not quite…that is, until he sprinkled it with a mango-chile spice that he shuttled into the States via India. śānadāra!

Much thanks to the magic man with chef’s hands!


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