Five Meals, Five Ingredients, Five Days | Day THREE

Bedfellows | Zucchini & Chard
Bedfellows | Zucchini & Chard

Most days, life to me feels like a magically-unfolding, spun-gold wet-dream. My going never gets too rough, because every-step-of-the-way I am choosing to train my thoughts on a good and purposeful life…while dismissing any dumb shit that doesn’t serve my mission to create maximum-awesomeness-for-all. Sometimes, though, if it’s been a day of particularly-hard blows, even exuberant girls get the blues. In that case, they need something to cheer them…and in my case, that means chard & chocolate.

In my cast-iron skillet, I added a splash of water, sesame-seed oil, and tamari (a wheat-free version of soy sauce), in which I blanched chopped Swiss chard and coined zucchini. Bay Area food-shed greens, coupled with dinner-table conversation with my lovely housemate, brought back my even keel.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend made a mean chocolate-and-walnut coffee cake, and chocolate-chips aplenty were left in the cupboard. Score. I filled up a mini teacup with this booty (as in ‘treasure’) and bid my housemate good night.


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