Five Meals, Five Ingredients, Five Days | DAY FOUR

Vegetable + Rice + Innovation
Intuitive Eating & Intuitive Cooking a Meal Doth Make!

It was a dark and stormy night. A Fresh Air podcast with Natalie Portman streamed through my computer speakers. (Listen to this fantastic interview about her role in the art-house-cum-big-screen film, Black Swan, HERE.) My body felt wrecked from too-many back-to-back holiday parties, too-much dim-sum on Christmas Day, and too-little exercise after an injury sidelined me from yoga and Pilates for almost a week.

I needed to reset….with a refined, elegant, and clean meal….something with five ingredients or less. Brown Rice as a nutty, neutral base. Broccoli as my much-needed green. Himalayan Golden Raisins for subtle sweetness. Hemp Seeds for a satisfying texture. Fresh Parmesan for its indulgent flavor and salty tang. This simple, straightforward meal proved to be perfect, post-holiday fare.

I believe in intuitive eating–your body, if its not confused by processed foods, already knows what nutrients it needs to stay healthy; your day-to-day whole-foods cravings are a smart indicator about what you should be preparing for dinner. By that same token, I am also a firm proponent of intuitive cooking–you’ll notice I never use recipes. Why? I trust my creative culinary process; my palate is discerning enough to guide me. This allows me to combine food in interesting ways, depending on my body’s needs and the breadth of my imagination.

This isn’t to diss cookbooks and recipes! It’s just to encourage you to use them as guideposts, rather than holy grails…you can do it if you only try. Why don’t you give it a go and leave a comment here that reports results! What’s your (intuitive) flavor?

love, abigail šŸ™‚


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