Homemade Pizza | Za’atar & Sweet Potato

It's-uh Pizz-uh Pie-uh
It's-uh Pizz-uh Pie-uh

The platform? Fresh, house-made herb pizza dough from the brilliant bakers at Canyon Market.

The sauce? A leftover jar of organic mushroom & tomato marinara from the bottom shelf at Rainbow Food Cooperative.

The toppings? Sweet potato for its creamy decadence and beta-carotenes. Onion and garlic for its bold zing and cardiovascular benefits. Hemp seed for its novel crunch and omegas-3 and-6. Freshly grated parmesan from Rainbow for its salty, tasty kick and calcium boost.

The finish? Za’atar for its tangy, herbal twist. The result? Hell, yeah! The roommate’s verdict? “It’s like a hippie pizza….that’s actually really delicious.”


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