Dining with Deia & Downing Donna’s Tamales

Deia: Luminous, Hungry
Deia: Luminous, Hungry

Deia and I braved crazy-ass rains to take an ass-busting class at my yoga studio, The Loft. Sweaty and limber, we bussed back to to my pad for gustatory pleasures, plated by my man.

Our latest visit to Rainbow Grocery Cooperative made his job easy. While shopping, we snagged some of Donna’s Tamales. This small, family-owned business purveys its organic, plant-based mains at stores around the Bay Area.

Donna’s delicacies include red-&-black bean with yam tamales. This hearty, earthy base stands up to Donna’s recipe’s roasted poblanos and ancho-chile sauce.

Top-of-the-Line Tamales
Top-of-the-Line Tamales

Jason steamed these, personalizing our meal by topping the tamales with sizzling, sauteed onions; decadent, creamy avocado; and hot-chile powder. Absolutely fabulous! It cheered us on (yet another) rainy night.

Happy New Year, Y’all!


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