Apples Gone Awry! Sriracha!

Apples, Cabbage, & Kale Combo
The apples turned a bright pink, absorbing the purple color from the cabbage.

Too bad I left my apples on the kitchen table, where they sat one-day-too-many in the sun. With my heirloom-variety fruit on the verge of turning, I had to incorporate them into a meal without delay! My solution? I took a deep breath and decided on a gamble—lightly steaming them alongside my kale and purple cabbage.


I plated my produce mélange and topped it with homemade honey-dijon, scallions, and Sriracha. With its hot chile notes, Thai Sriracha is de rigueur with a certain young-and-urban American set, favored as an “Asian ketchup.” This moniker might be tasteless, but this everyday delicacy certainly is not. It’s everything that you never realized you were missing.


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