Classy, Comely Luncheon-for-One

Green Dream
Green Dream

Magnificent colors, decadent sauce, and an earthy base comprise this perfect luncheon-for-one. Over a bed of nutty, short-grain brown rice, I paired dark, crisp kale (just-delivered in my weekly Farm Fresh to You CSA box) with bright-purple cabbage (procured at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative ). Both of these vegetables are in the cruciferous family and served as a lightly salted-and-steamed layer atop my gluten-free grain. Fresh scallions added bite, while tamari-roasted sesame seeds provided a savory, protein punch.

Straus, Dijon, honey, & celery seed
Straus, Dijon, honey, & celery seed

To push this plate into saucier territory, I drizzled these eats with my latest infatuation—-homemade honey-dijon dressing. I whip this up from-scratch, following the intuitive-cooking method; meaning, I trust my palate to guide me as I make this creamy, yogurt-based yum. Start with my favorite-ever ethical-dairy product, Straus Creamery Plain Whole Fat Yogurt, add a few spoons of local honey and spicy Dijon mustard, and sprinkle with a pinch of celery seed. Whisk. Chill. Savor.


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