Farewells, Florida, & Fab Eats

King Trumpets: Uniquely-savory and, um, uniquely-shaped
Uniquely-savory and, um, uniquely-shaped

Wouldn’t you love it if your special-somebody dropped-off a weekly gift at your house, in a cute package practically groaning under the weight of something too-good-to-be-true? That has long been my dream, and it has finally come to pass. Yeah, yeah…so it might cost $32-a-week, and you might think buying yourself presents is like buying friends. Yes, perhaps, but every Tuesday morning, I bolt out of bed and run down the stairwell. At my front door, I am greeted by my Farm-Fresh-to-You CSA box! My morning miracle!

“What in the hell is CSA?” my Grandpa Herschel recently asked me. Good question, Grandpa. CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. Members invest in a “share” of a local, organic farm. In return, they receive a regular home-delivery from the harvest that week. Summer means luscious tomatoes and squash…and winter might mean week-after-week of onions and potatoes. It lets you honor the nature’s cyclical, seasonal treasures.

Blue outside...orange and creamy inside
Baby-blue outside...orange and creamy inside

With only a few hours before my love, Jason, left to visit his Grandma Abigail (what a marvelous name!) on a red-eye flight to Florida, he prepared a bright-and-satisfying farewell dinner with fab eats from Farm Fresh to You. The goods?

King Trumpet Mushrooms—-and, in fact, all edible fungi—-are rich with unami, the uniquely-savory “fifth taste.” (Like you learned in grade school, the other four are salty, sour, sweet, and bitter.)

Collard Greens are related to kale, with smooth, blue-green leaves. Chock-full of phytonutrients, collard greens and other cruciferous vegetables are powerful detoxifiers linked to cancer prevention.

Kabocha Squash, which we picked up at Rainbow Grocery, is a Japanese pumpkin with a creamy, sweet taste and firm bite. Orange-hued vegetables are rich with beta carotenes, which promote healthy vision and fight-off reproductive-system disorders.

Hark! King Trumpet Mushrooms herald spring!
Hark! King Trumpet Mushrooms herald spring!

He pan-seared the thin-sliced King Trumpets, slow-cooked the cubed Kabocha Squash, sauteed the Collard Greens in nutty Sesame Oil, and placed everything on a bed of perfectly-cooked Brown Rice. With a pinch of Sea Salt and Black Pepper, he served it up with a flourish. Yum.

My life has been especially blessed, with weekly gifts and a bomb boyfriend.


5 thoughts on “Farewells, Florida, & Fab Eats

  1. As a point of note, I cooked the kobocha by itself at high heat, covered in a sauce pan with just some water and veg stock. Something about the conditions worked out that the outside of the squash chunks got all slimy and caramelized and delicious, while the chunks themselves stayed firm. I’m going to have to try to replicate the experiment again. I hope it wasn’t a fluke. It was sort of like hunks of squash candy…. yum yum yum…

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