Peep Show! | Video

Futzing with the Panasonic HVX200A Film-Quality Cam

Hey, lovers. Consider these pictures a sweet teaser for the soon-to-be-released, first-ever Eating with Abs cooking show! Coming atcha next week, with chills, spills, and…cauliflower. A cruciferous-vegetable must-see!

With Ellen Roggeman of Radical Radish as my cuisine queen and kitchen charioteer, we totally rock it with farm-to-table style. I’m excited to bring you the deets on intuitive eating, when you let your palate be your guide. Your body, once it’s flushed of processed, packaged foods, knows exactly what nutrients it needs to stay strong. You just have to listen to your body when it speaks up!

Ellen, in her pink button-down, looks super-profesh.

Hankering for an apple? Your body is telling you it needs some vitamin C and a low-metabolic sugar kick. Can’t get enough cashews? Your body needs mega protein, iron, and fat. (Yes, fat is good for you! It’s best when present in the whole food itself–think, avocados and almonds—rather then derived, like bottled oils.)

But there’s one caveat! Sometimes, it’s okay to ignore your body, because sometimes it’s a nag…like if it’s craving convenience store cheese puffs. Ef it.

Brought to you by hella-hokey yours truly,



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