Straus Family Creamery Responds to Deregulation of GMO Alfalfa | Video

Straus Family Creamery & Eating with Abs at the "milk bar"

Wow. Sometimes a fantastic turn-of-events blooms into something even more-magnificent than you thought possible. This Tuesday, I was invited to meet with the CEO of Straus Family Creamery, with whom I conducted a video interview about the benchmarks he is setting in sustainable food production. A bonafide environmental- and real-food visionary, it was an honor to sit down with Albert Straus at his corporate offices in picturesque Petaluma, Calif.

The next day, Straus Family Creamery contacted me about excerpting some of our interview to supplement the company’s press release regarding genetically-engineered alfalfa.

Just last week, the USDA fully deregulated GM Alfalfa, allowing unrestricted planting of the Roundup Ready crop. Straus today issued the following statement:  “Genetic engineering of plants and animals poses a serious danger to the environment and the world’s food supply…Since alfalfa is an essential feed for our cows, the potential contamination of organic alfalfa from GM alfalfa poses a significant threat to our company and the organic dairy industry.”

Below, check out the two-minute video in which Albert further elucidates his position. Later this month, I will release a full Eating with Abs video that showcases the breadth of our interview. Wanna learn more about GE Alfalfa and GMOs? Take action by clicking HERE.


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