Breakfast Salad | Lucious Leafy Greens and Badass Beta-Carotenes

Oh, splendid leaf, that thou shalt not wilt!

I’m so jazzy for San Francisco right now, and this week in particular has been heart-breakingly beautiful: expansive, blue skies and honey-warm sunshine; delightful romps with dangerously-cool friends; not to mention hella urban-hiking, cycling up-a-storm, and taking to the streets on foot. And, I’m still as excited as ever about my Farm Fresh to You CSA box. It’s just so nice to have no choice but to prepare a killer salad, starting with seasonal, bring-tears-to-your-eyes-they’re-so-good lettuce leaves.

I had my leafy greens for breakfast—yes, breakfast!—after my man dissuaded me from going to the neighborhood café for an almond-milk double latte. Any morning is auspicious when it begins with a bad-ass breakfast for two. Better yet when your produce still has dirt on it, remnants of the Bay Area’s fertile soil.

Bursting with beta-carotenes!

Into the mix, I tossed some other goodies from the farm, including spring-sweet carrots that tasted somehow—I don’t quite know any other way to say it—virginal. (“The best carrot I’ve ever eaten in my whole life!” Jason said.) I coupled them with juicy, citrus-y satsuma mandarins, originally a Japanese fruit varietal that fares well here across the Pacific. In theme with the orange-hued mélange, I dressed my breakfast salad with Hot Chile Olive Oil from California Stonehouse, one of whose stores is managed by Contributing Columnist Lalé Shafaghi.

Helloooo, nurse!

To beef it up, I added roasted pumpkin seeds, fine-ground black pepper, and Himalayan Golden Raisins, all of which I sourced from the vast bulk section at my favorite worker-owned grocery cooperative, Rainbow. The great thing about bulk bins is that you can fill your repurposed jars with your dry, staple goods—meaning you never have to purchase needless packaging ever again.

My boyfriend’s contribution included a multi-grain boule that we picked up from Della Fattoria, a bakery and cafe in Petaluma known for using farm-fresh ingredients. He sliced and toasted the savory bread, drizzling it with hazelnut-and-almond nut butter. Ecstasy.

Healthy grains and fats--best eaten as a side and not a main.

10 thoughts on “Breakfast Salad | Lucious Leafy Greens and Badass Beta-Carotenes

      1. We’ll stay until we have a reason to leave. And yes, there is scrumptious food here–though I miss some of my favorite things from home that are hard to come by (like baby spinach–I long for baby spinach…).

  1. Jane, I think it would be really cool if you could do a guest post from Bali. Would that interest you? Maybe a three-part column….Breakfast in Bali….Lunch in Bali….etc? Or just a one-off to see how it goes! Do you have a video camera? Do you do video editing? A five-minute cooking show from Bali would be so incredible! I’ve just started learning how to video edit, and it’s just like telling a story, compiling all the parts of a grand narrative. It’s the kind of radical revision work that Carolyn taught us about. Anyway, if you’re interested, write me an email and we’ll talk 🙂

    1. It would be a great idea–except that right now I am so far from cooking I may have forgotten how. Too many inexpensive warungs and restaurants with delicious food to develop any intimacy with my rudimentary kitchen. But here is a little local favorite to experiment with for breakfast (add honey or palm sugar if you want it to be dessert):
      black rice porridge— cook black rice until soft in plenty of coconut milk (you want it a little runny), then add dried fruits and nuts. YUM!

  2. Yes, it’s official. I am signing up for my own Farm Fresh to You box RIGHT NOW. I thought it was a Bay Area-only thing. Damn, have I been missing out. Swooooon!

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