Score a Snacky Sum’n Sum’n

Lucious Lycopenes (Anti-Cancer Antioxidants in Tomatoes)

Ever feel a lil’ down-and-out when it’s been a few hours since your last feeding? You know…that spaced-out-too-tired-to-focus-vaguely-shaky sensation when your body needs a real boost…stat! I def know it’s time to score a snarfable snack when I’m hit with an afternoon hunger wave. On a typical day, I have upwards of eight-or-nine hours between my brunch (yes, brunch!) and late-night dinner. Quite frankly, I don’t give a lick what some magazine or nutritionist-of-the-month says about all-day grazing or three-square meals or whatever dumb fad-diet. I operate in accord with what works best for my body, my schedule, and my lifestyle. This means that around 4p, I’m jonesing for some ab-fab eats to carry me forth, into the evening.

The concept of intuitive eating includes combining fresh, whole foods for optimal taste and health. It’s a simple sensibility about the building blocks of any meal (or snack). Hungry? Toss in one of each: 1) Fat, 2) Protein, 3) Unrefined Carbohydrate. The trinity of good grub. A 250-calorie cracker “snack pack” does not a nutritious nibble make! I’m talking real food, y’all. Maybe you say, “But it takes too long to prepare!” Nope. Not buying it. Consider this: If you can spend just four minutes on this snarfable snack, in the long-run you’ll be saving yourself months’ worth of doctor’s visits and hospital stays from a lifetime of unhealthy eating. Grim tidings? Nope, not at all. Because every day you get to choose to nourish your body and promote a long, happy life. Which leads me to my afternoon pick-me-up.

Holy Trinity of Good Grub: Unrefined Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins

My morning run to Canyon Market—my local, organic grocer—yielded a nice bounty of farm-fresh produce. From this veritable veggie bevy, I hewed half a cauliflower and sliced one hot-house tomato; on which, I drizzled California Stonehouse Hot Chile Olive Oil, sea salt sourced from the South San Francisco Bay, and black pepper (which one of my roommates picked up from Manila Oriental Market up the street). Alongside this red-and-white delight, I threw a heaping handful of tamari-roasted almonds, in my dry-goods cache from Rainbow Grocery Cooperative.

Real, whole foods? Check. Fats, unrefined carbohydrates, and protein? Yes, please! Hunger sated and powered-up to sally forth into the evening? Obviously.

Questions: What are some of your favorite holy-trinity snacks? Do you pack snacks and bring them to work? If you’re a parent, what are some of the best midday pick-me-ups for kids? Leave your input and insight here!!


6 thoughts on “Score a Snacky Sum’n Sum’n

  1. I wish people really understood this…..when you eat like this…you don’t have to worry about weight and calories….you are just plain healthy. I just wish people would understand this more!

  2. OHMYGOSHYES! That’s exactly what food is about. No stupid calorie counters, or low-fat or low-carb or vitamin-infused packaged edible food-like substances. It’s totally just about eating real food. It’s about health, a long life, staying strong for your family and friends. Real foods are grounding and centering.

  3. Dave, How about a whole head of cauliflower, three tomatoes, a small bowl of almonds, and a generous drizzle of hot-chile olive oil? With some pepper for spice and salt for lickin’? Also, throw a fresh, whole-wheat, multi-grain roll from a nearby bakery into the mix. And a pear! And now you have yourself…dinner….hehehe.

  4. I love drizzlin’ a little bit of spicy oil mixed with nutritional yeast on my cauli or broccoli. In fact… throw in some black beans and I think I just came up with my lunch!

    1. Anja! My LA tag-team queen! I love hearing from you. I need to come to LA to do some co-host cooking shows in your fat pad. Sheesh, your sleek kitchen is not only cozy but also sooooo beautiful. (Mine is much more…circa 1950s worn and torn.) Your show is a crazy success, by the way! Great work to you, Andrew, and Elisa!!

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