Naked Lunch | Five Ingredient Meal

Last feeding? 8:30am (toasted salt-bagel covered with hazelnut butter and complemented with fair-trade coffee and almond milk). Right now? 2:00 in the afternoon. This evening? Fancy dinner with friends, scheduled for 7:00.

After an all-day, deep-in-the-heart-of-urban-Oakland yoga-shoot with photographer Sarah Cross, I’m hankering for a modest repast—not too much! Tonight’s sumptuous menu includes dessert (ginger-cake topped with hot-caramel and homemade vanilla ice-cream) and fine drink (port), and I want to savor it.

Vital Nutritional Yeast

To fuel me through the afternoon, nourish my yoga-sore muscles, and carry me into a crunk, co-ed gathering of late-twenty-somethings, I set my sights on a naked lunch: steamed 1) purple cabbage and 2) broccoli.

Er, the whole naked thing ended real fast. Sometimes a girl wants to dress things up a bit, and I did. I added 3) nutritional yeast, for a rich, cheesy punch, as well as 4) tahini, a delightfully creamy sesame-seed butter popular in the Middle East. Sprinkled with a pinch of San Francisco Bay-sourced 5) sea salt, my crucifers went from bare-ass to beautifully-clothed. Meaning my meal ramped up from eating-disorder style to hearty freaking-yum.

Tahini Action Shot

Question: How do you dress your naked veggies? What are your favorite plain, unadulterated vegetables? What’s your favorite farmer’s market or grocer for the most nutrient-rich, flavorful produce? Comment here and surprise me with something special. Your turn. xoxo, lovelies!

PS: Sarah is generously allowing me to pre-publish a shot from our urban-yoga foray. A full series to come later this spring! (Just check out that train barreling straight past me! Asana action!)


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