Spicy Tubers and Crucifers

1) Zingy roots, such as garlic, purple onion, and ginger.

2) Tuberous sweet potato, skins and all.

3) Luscious crucifers, like purple cabbage and deep-green broccoli.

Preparation: In a shallow, cast-iron pan, I lightly sauteed the spices in a splash of sesame-seed oil, sourced from Rainbow Co-op’s bulk section. Then, I simmered vegetables in a splash of water, along with white-rice vinegar and soy sauce.

Result: It was especially rad plated over Northern California-grown organic pinto beans from Rancho Gordo Farms and brown rice…all topped with sunflower seeds. xoxo

PS: The contest for FREE Straus Family Creamery gift certificates is still on! Just visit Eating with Abs’ Facebook page and leave a comment on the wall, telling us why you love fresh, whole foods. The responses thus far have been…decadent and poetic. Way to go, y’all. xx


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