Brunching in Austin | Tour de Tejas

Quack’s, a cluttered, charming cafe in Austin’s Hyde Park, is way-too-cute for its own good. A neighborhood favorite, the coffee shop is a destination hang with a swell selection of baked goods, from vegan oatmeal-raisin cookies to lackluster-looking croissants.

After a hard night of Texas-style pleasures (Dos Equis, pure-bred Lone Star State girls, and rough-n-rowdy boot-stomping), Quack’s offered just the right early-morning perk. Thick, oily coffee (two refills) and a dense, moist blueberry-bran muffin, with a nice crumb and desirable heartiness. In short, a perfect morning main during my 36-hour, whirlwind tour through my old stomping ground.

Questions: What is your favorite neighborhood cafe to score your morning caffeine and comestibles? What is your favorite baked good for breakfast? xo


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