Post-Yoga Pick-Me-Up | Tour de Tejas

Austin’s Black Swan Yoga is kick-ass, and encourages a wear-your-sports-bra and show-off-your-free-standing-headstand vibe. So long as it’s only an occasional aspect of my practice, I actually dig the sexy-yoga trend. Being around wholesome, healthy bodies is titillating, and sensuality undercuts self-righteousness and seriousness. That said, I stumbled out of class totally strung-out with endorphins, sweat, and close proximity to perfect back bends and shoulder stands. How we do, Texas-style!

My yoga friends and I convened for an afternoon pick-me-up at Whole Foods. I have a complicated relationships with this place, especially given its monolithic proportions and affordable-only-to-the-rich customer-base. That said, the ecological-farming revolution can only succeed through an economy-of-scale. Whole Foods is making organic food-production a tenable, sustainable option for farmers, creating a guaranteed market for their harvest. They might be a luxury mega-grocer, but Whole Foods has the scope and reach to create expanded consumer-awareness about mindful food cultivation. In a pinch, a charming location for an afternoon recharge.

Post-yoga, I was parched and headed straight for the store’s magnificent produce section. On the hunt for juicy, hydrating fruits, I selected a decadent blood orange, gorgeous heirloom tomato, and sweet nectarine. Given the color-scheme of my selection, my body was obviously hankering for a beta-carotene boost.

After a decadent sweat, it’s important to replenish your body’s salts, and I bolted to the Whole Foods bulk section for a handful of dry-roasted, salted cashews. These tree nuts pack a whopping punch of protein and some of the healthiest fats available. As much as possible, fats should be consumed in their least-processed, straight-from-the-source state. Rather than deriving your vital fats form olive- or sesame-oil, try munching a handful of pumpkin seeds or downing a creamy avocado instead.

I topped off my snack with an Austin favorite—Topo Chico. Un agua mineral de Mexico, this glass-bottled beverage is the refreshment du jour in my hometown. It quenches parched lips and pours down your throat with an effervescent thrill. Unavailable in San Francisco, visitors from Texas always bring me a case to cure me of homesickness. To these good people, I thank you.

xo, Abs


6 thoughts on “Post-Yoga Pick-Me-Up | Tour de Tejas

    1. i heart topo chico to the death! black swan is pretty kick ass, too. i would love to teach there if i lived in austin. sexy.

      have you been to berlin? i leave for a sabbatical there for the spring. any recommendations? show me my new city through your eyes!

  1. i was constantly on the lookout for topo chico when i lived in oakland. one time i saw an empty bottle in the trash on telegraph ave., so i know it exists somewhere…unless that bottle belonged to another of us texans who checks it in our luggage at the airport. 🙂 i’ll drink one for you this weekend.

  2. I know what you mean about being conflicted over Whole Foods. In my not so thought-out youth days, I would just steal one thing for every purchase I made to assuage my guilt. These days, on weeks that I don’t get to the farmer’s market, I feel like its the store in my area with the best selection of super local organic produce from farms that I know and trust. And I feel like by only buying those vegetables from their produce section, I’m helping increase sales of the produce labled “Local” and listing the farm. Maybe that will shift them more and more in that direction. Maybe.

    1. I came across an interesting article that analyzed the cost of procuring groceries from several national supermarket chains and several small, boutique grocers….and guess what? Whole Foods, in terms of cost, came in at the the perfect average of them all. The products purchased were useful, everyday items like almond milk, bread, rice, green beans. I was surprised!

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