Three Dudes Win Organic, Ethical Dairy Products from Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery and I partnered to offer my readers free gift-certificates for the company’s ethical, organic dairy products. To win, contestants commented on the Eating with Abs Fan Page, sharing their thoughts about damn-good grub. All of the responses were awesome, but I selected three guys as the winners. Gender-bias is a particularly unfair methodology for determining contest winners, but these boys absolutely took it to the next level.

Big congrats to Erik, Gabriel, and Ben! I’ll be sending your gift via Berlin, where I’m on sabbatical this spring. International love. So, why do these dudes dig real, whole foods? These thoughtful men tell it like it is.

Erik: Let me count the ways. 1) You get to dig them out of the garden. 2) You get to wash them. 3) Roast them or eat them raw in a salad. 4) Drink wine with them. 5) They make you feel sooooo good and lucky to be alive and have friends with gardens, which is 6) Best of all. Thanks for the delicious homegrown foods, all you garden growers.

Gabriel: I still think meat is a beautiful (and delicious) part of human culture, but in America, particularly, our relationship with animals has become warped by the dominance of factory farming. I became a vegetarian as a quiet form of conscientious objection, and have since always tried to feed my friends in a way that shows how easy and rewarding a well-rounded vegetarian diet can be.

Ben: One of the measures of my current quality of life is how many Straus-branded foods are in my fridge. But, as for my interest in eating veggies, I recently came upon the world’s finest BBQ sauce…and made it myself. It so happens to be a vegan recipe.

Thanks, guys! And thank you, everybody, for participating in this reader-gift giveaway. As always, more to come.

xo, Abs


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