Air Berlin | In-Flight Eats

Doing any overnight, trans-Atlantic air-travel in the near future? Then let me school you. The 100-percent vegetarian meal (in non-airline-speak, vegan) will spare you from a supper of boiled, shredded chicken that is pale in color and flanked by two, wan dinner rolls. My own in-flight eats were by no means a gastronomic revelation—but served with white wine and followed by a warming, fragrant brandy, I was set for a swell night’s sleep. The Europeans do it right with complimentary after-dinner spirits.

If you haven’t already heard, I’m in Berlin for the next couple of months, enjoying a live-work sabbatical in one of the cultural capitals of the world. I’ll be reporting from the front lines about German-style plant-based potlucks, street-side falafel, and vegan bratwurst with a side of sauerkraut.

As ever, abs

PS: If you’re going to be in Europe this spring, come visit me!


4 thoughts on “Air Berlin | In-Flight Eats

  1. So delicious and tasteful meal provide at Air-Berlin. Really I would like to go Germany and seat in this flight for eating this wonderful meal. Thanks for share.

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