Hello, Morning. I love you, I need you.

Morning Light, Morning Love

The wee hours usher along with them the promise of anything — the simple joy of waking up each morning leaves me as breathless and delirious as taking a new lover. Except a new day is pure pleasure with none of the awkwardness or misgivings. 

One unfailing morning-delight is breakfast. I groove the day’s first meal so much that I try to postpone it as long as I can, until I can’t stand it anymore. Lately, this means hitting-up my neighborhood bäckerei in the early afternoon. This place isn’t hip by a long-shot, but the nice lady behind the counter learned my name the first time I entered and, by day three, was telling me about her headache. Given Germans’ avoidance of small-talk with strangers, this woman totally won me over with her civility and conversation skills. Berliners are sometimes way too-cool for this American girl — the emotional distance was fun, at first, but my homegrown penchant for hearty hellos dies hard. Effing smile already, y’all!

What I especially love are the cafe’s flaky, buttery, light-as-air croissants, paired with a fragrant coffee cooled with soymilk. The world is full of so many small and magnificent things, and I’m so in love with it all that it makes me ache. xoxo, abs

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