Sauteéd Carrot-&-Parsley Pasta

There’s no better time to hit-up the farmers’ market than the day’s end. Merchants are eager to pack-up and haul-out, and they’ll throw their wares at you for a fraction of the price. For a scant 3 euros, I scored a heaping sack of bright-orange carrots and more parsley than I’ve eaten in a lifetime. An unusual pairing, sure, but when you’re scoring eats on the cheap, it doesn’t pay to be picky. You’ve gotta snag what you’re offered and challenge yourself to get creative. Still…parsley? Familiar to me only as the green garnish on a dinner plate, I wondered, what the eff am I going to do with it all?

I scoped out my pantry and honed-in on a vision: carrots-&-parsley sauteéd in olive oil, combined with fresh pasta, and topped with my favorite-ever culinary go-to, nutritional yeast. Plate it with sea salt and fresh-ground pepper, and you have yourself an elegant, exceedingly-simple, and so-freaking-cheap meal. There’s nothing more refined than living large on a dime.


3 thoughts on “Sauteéd Carrot-&-Parsley Pasta

    1. Joan! Thank you for writing. Nutritional yeast is fab–it’s such a vital part of my kitchen that I brought it with me from San Francisco to Berlin, where I’m on sabbatical this spring. That said, I use it liberally…adding spoonful after spoonful, until I achieve that perfectly decadent, cheesy effect. As an enthusiastic proponent of intuitive cooking, I love encouraging people to prepare everything to taste. You know exactly what a dish needs…so long as you trust yourself. Stay in touch. xoxo, abs

      1. You’ve written enough about yeast that I’m tempted to try it as well.
        1. What are the benefits of a yeast rich diet?
        2. Where would you hunt it down in rural America?

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