Mad Props on (Grand)Mother’s Day

Hi, Gma Sara! Since your birthday coincides with Mother’s Day, it’s occasion to make a very big deal—consider this my public love-letter to the best woman ever. I know you’re tripping about turning another year older, but it just means you’re officially the prettiest 67-year-old on the planet. (Seriously, y’all, would you look at how gorgeous she is?!) Gma, did you know Eating with Abs subscribers cover six continents? People the world over—from Indonesia and Australia, to Ghana and Chile—are reading this public love-letter and nodding their heads in agreement:  This grandma’s beauty is boundless.

Growing up, Annie and I spent dreamy summer months at your little brick house alongside the Wichita River. At dawn, we tagged along (and could hardly keep up!) for brisk walks up and down the hills of Tanglewood. For breakfast, we prepared big bowls of oatmeal; for lunch and dinner, we steamed carrots, broccoli, and squash. (There was little, if any, variation in our daily rhythms, because you are the kind of woman who recognizes when she alights upon something good and commits hard-core. I love that about you.)

Thank you for teaching me so much about leading a good and healthy life, Gma! I am humbled and blessed by your unfailing support and super-human love. Thank you, also, for faithfully reading Eating with Abs and reporting back with commentary, such as “I just cooked Rachel’s Papas Verdes, and they are delish!” or “Abigail, you are a real-deal Texas girl—but don’t you think your blog would be better if you didn’t curse so much?”

I know, Grandma, you are right…

PS: Love family nostalgia and odes to cool, classy elders? In Jolly Good Fun with Gma & Gpa, posted last Thanksgiving, I pay homage to the generation that came before with a snazzy vegan feast that even my Grandpa deemed excellent.


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