Yum! Compost good enough to eat… | Columnist Rachel Znerold

Hello, my lovelies! I can’t help but repeat like a broken record how freaking in love I am with contributor Rachel Znerold. A bonafide blond bombshell, she’s got mad style and substance–receiving commissions for her hand-crafted, upcycled fashion and gorgeous canvasses (including a kick-ass diptych of my angelic sister and handsome brother-in-law as the subjects).

Beauty and inspiration often reveal themselves in the most unexpected places. Today, my kitchen compost bucket was stunning, bursting with luscious colors, and it simply stopped me in my tracks. Its contents were from a special housewarming dinner at my month-long residency at Eldorado Springs Art Center. I cooked a super-yummy quinoa-kale mélange, prepared with gorgeous organic produce from the Alfalfa’s Market. (Seriously the best bulk section in all of Boulder, Colorado–loves it!) Maybe I was influenced by the overriding artsy-vibe here, but when I glanced over at my kitchen compost bucket, I had no choice but to drop everything and commence with a full-on photoshoot.

Its contents?

  • Top of a red bell pepper, which I sautéed with 2 big cloves of garlic and  Alfalfa’s organic bulk olive oil.
  • Ends of a red kale bunch, which I gently tossed with a splash of tamari and sprinkle of nutritional yeast.
  • Teeny bit of red and black quinoa–er, I spilled some on the counter while mixing together together the red bell pepper, garlic, kale and quinoa.
  • Remains of a fuschia poeny that my friend Joy brought me as a welcoming gift. Although the petals had all fallen off, the color was still amazing!

YUM. That compost looks good enough to eat.


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