Midday Coconut Meat, Mixed-Nut Mélange, and Yerba Maté

In a mad-burst biomarkt mine-sweep, I snagged an afternoon snack packed with hearty proteins, healthy fats, and a super-special pick-me-up. Raw coconut meat (conveniently fresh-hacked and -diced by my friendly produce guy) is a decadent, dreamy treat that’s also a powerhouse of good-for-you lipids and fiber—it’s also (handily) a rich source of Manganese, a key player in the metabolization of aforementioned lipids and fiber. How convenient that nature knows how to take care of you. Paired with roasted-and-salted cashews, almonds and macadamia nuts, I raised the bar to ridiculously-freaking-good by infusing my midday repast with a wicked protein component.

My new Berlin go-to refreshment is Club-Mate, a glass-bottled, carbonated yerba maté produced right here in Germany. Yerba maté is a drink brewed from the stems and leaves of a South American rain-forest shrub, while the beverage is purported to combine the euphoria-producing properties of chocolate, perk-you-up qualities of coffee, and salutary-benefits of tea. Club-Mate is lovely—not sugar-laden like soda, it instead offers a vaguely-astringent, unsweetened effervescence. It’s an acquired taste that so happens to make you feel very, very good inside. Club-Mate is a refreshing stimulant, and swilling many bottles of the drink helps fuel long, dirty nights of dancing well-beyond dawn. Because, at the end of the day, I’m the kind of girl who digs being hydrated and dripping-with-sweat rather than hungover from a night of expensive cocktails…well, usually.

PS: Speaking of coconut and its myriad benefits, I firmly recommend liberally slathering your body in raw, virgin coconut oil after every shower. It can be applied wherever you wish, and rather than shelling out lots of dough for ridiculous up-sell beauty products, you can just pick up a jar of coconut oil from the grocer. Consider it your personal big, fat eff you to the absurd excesses of the beauty industry.


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