Early Autumn Pumpkin Soup | Columnist Alina Rudya

Kiev-born photographer and foodie Alina Rudya now calls Berlin her home-base. We recently did a photo shoot together in Mauer Park for her forthcoming series entitled ‘Twilight’ and a few weeks ago co-hosted a fabulous cocktail party at my apartment in East Berlin. In the following photo-essay, Alina has crafted a step-by-step guide to an early-autumn pumpkin-and-potato puree that is illustrated with images. As she says:  “I love eating healthy–probably because I’m such a visually-oriented person and always imagine myself as a composite of the foods that nourish me. Greasy hamburgers are definitely not what I’m going for–a cute carrot is just so much fresher. I’m one of those lucky people who not only enjoys, but in fact prefers, her veggies.” Without further ado, y’all, the talented Ms. Rudya!

Today was one of those lazy, late-summer/early-fall days. I did some reading and writing, and even went shopping for some new shoes. Come afternoon, I wanted to whip-up a late lunch that was simple and quick. At the market, I picked up a small pumpkin, one of the first of the gorgeous fall gourds showing up this season. From there, my whole meal fell into place!

My roommate sometimes leaves veggies in the fridge for too long, and since his zucchini was about to turn, I claimed it to transform into my masterpiece. I chopped up the zucchini, along with two yellow potatoes and an onion.
While I fried the diced onion, I sliced the pumpkin.
Then, I combined everything in a small pot and added enough water to cover the veggies, as well as salt and pepper. I boiled everything until soft and pulled out my favorite kitchen appliance–the hand-held mixer that you see here. It only cost 11-Euros, and is perhaps the best money I’ve ever spent!

Just puree the veggies, and you have on your hands a brilliant soup! The whole process took less than 30-minutes, and it paired wonderfully with cream cheese and a few thin slices of dark-brown bread. Guten appetit! Love, Alina


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