Soups Ahoy!

The best part of living in Berlin is leaving the city and subsequently coming back. Every time I return to the threshold of this strange and dark metropolis, something in my spirit sighs with sweet relief. After my weekend foray in Dresden–a swell, little slice of East German heaven–nothing helped me settle in more than the preparation of a simmering pot of soup.

You all know that I don’t do fancy and utterly abhor recipes–how trite and dull. For me, it’s all about throwing in whatever seasonal vegetables I picked up from the organic market that morning and then making a little impromptu magic. It’s super-hydrating, super-nourishing, super-warming and absolutely wunderbar (that means ‘wonderful’ in Deutsch, y’all). xxo, abs

Lovely leeks all sliced up and ready for action.
Organic, German-made bouillon for a little shebang.
No meal is complete without crucifers, and broccoli is my personal penchant.
Carrots noir...
Lentils pack a price-savvy, protein-rich punch.
I love a blend of Jasmine and Basmati organic, fair-trade rices.

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