Ellen & Abs, American-Style | Video

Grampy & I both wear cowboy boots on a trip to the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m out of Europe and back in the Lone Star State, y’all. My dear and brave Grampy Herschel—a bonafide Texas cowboy—passed away this month. A wild and crazy and brutal and beautiful man of near mythical proportions, Grampy taught me some of life’s most-crucial lessons:

How to be loyal, how to fight, how to forgive, how to curse.

And, since I’m in the United States, Ellen & I thought it would be nice to do an American-style Google Hangout with one another. She talks about her Thanksgiving spread in San Francisco, while I prepare a winter soup for Grandma before returning to Berlin this week.

Sending all y’all out there lots of love and Texas sunshine! xx, abs


One thought on “Ellen & Abs, American-Style | Video

  1. America is a continent, not a country… So you are in America, but that’s too vague. Say you are in “gringolandia” before Mexico. lol

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