Eating with Abs is a positive, accessible resource for learning about how cool it is to eat your kale and collard greens. With glamor and DIY-cool, this site encourages you to cultivate a healthy relationship with your body. Whether it be great plant-based eats, vegan nutrition, or practical culinary tips, Eating with Abs is about creating a lifestyle that’s healthy and edgy.

With cooking shows, regular contributing columnists, and passion for the local-foods revival, this site encourages simplicity, elegance on a budget, and awareness about the ecological-farming revolution. The slow-foods movement starts at your dinner table — with conversation, friends, and organic, biodynamic wine. You’re invited to join us. Cheers to gustatory pleasure and mindful living!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a goddess! Thank you for sharing your passion and wisdom for food! I love scrolling through your pages for meal inspirations, little gems of knowledge, and encouragement to change our lives through the food we put in our bodies. You are amazing!!

    1. Ms. Rach! You’re one of my biggest inspirations. You shine your light and show the light of others, that they might not even see in themselves. Thank you for being such a special one.

  2. Hi…. I have enjoyed your writings and recipes!!
    I play drums in Johns band and he said you would be coming out tonight and told me about your site. Looking forward to meeting you and visiting your blog.
    Peggy Cernuch

  3. wow wow wow………
    you look as amazing as your food seems to taste…
    i love it!!! can’t wait to put my fingers in your bowl of delicacies….

  4. Hi Abigail! Thanks for contacting me via my site. I have had a lot of fun navigating through your site tonight…great work. It looks like you are in SF. I did my undergrad at SFSU and have a real soft spot for the city. I look forward to checking back in with your site.

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