Love in the Time of Cholera

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

Food, drink, and friendship go hand-in-hand. This is an ode to Timo, my dear and brilliant Finnish companion whose awkward social skills, shy smile, and unflinching devotion to substance win me over again and again and again.

This is an ode to Timo, whose near-aversion to alcohol means that he drinks hot-chocolate to my Italian bitters, just like a little boy. This is an ode to Timo, who taught me to make crème brulee and bakes me vegan brownies just to prove he can. This is an ode to Timo, because he is courageous, because he cares, because he is. This is an ode to Timo, because sometimes it’s scary for a girl to live abroad all alone, so far away from the language and customs that are familiar, and not knowing who she can really trust. This is an ode to Timo, because sometimes it’s not always easy for a girl to be brave, and sometimes she just needs a guy around to let her cry, and who will say the dumb, simple things that we need in life to help us see it through.

Thanks, dude. I’m glad you exist. And I’m glad that we found each other—all the way from Helsinki, Finnland and Holliday, Texas. Sorry if this embarrasses you, but I just had to say it aloud. And, what’s more, you’ll get over it, because I know you’re a sucker for me/weird/cute.