Three’s Company | Dinner in Berlin

Perhaps nothing civilizes us and fosters kinship more than dining together. Breaking bread–when attended to with care and attention–nourishes the body, intellect, and emotions. Two girlfriends recently dropped by my East Berlin apartment for a simple, and simply elegant, meal. White wine, field greens with homemade honey-dijon dressing, and a seasonal vegetable soup with brown rice doth a meal make! Special details–like a grandmother’s candlesticks and fresh-cut flowers–made it pop. Warm thanks to Alina Rudya for the below images.

Drizzling greens with local-honey + Dijon-mustard dressing.
Locally grown vegetables, spices, fresh lemon juice and olive oil, topped with dollop of soy yogurt.
Fresh flowers from the cute, family-owned shop on Torstra├če.
I love this kitchen.
With the lovely Rita, from Lisbon.